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Visual Journal Color 1 September 21-23 1997 NYC

Visual Journal B+W 696 March 29 2013 Queens NY

Visual Journal B+W 3 September 1971 Columbus OH

Photographing Art 35mm Outtake 12 Herring 1995/2017

Balzac Blvd Raspail

La Belle Femme

Jardin du Luxembourg

Rene Ricard The Radiant Child

Rene Ricard

Seton Smith

Mark Boone Jr

Rockets Red Glare

Kathleen Thomas

Simon Cerigo




Tom Warren and Bobby G







Christof Kohlhofer 1983 form Tom Warren Portrait Studio Colab Artists Portofolio

Zebulon Memorial


Zebulon Tribute

Co-owners of Zebulon, Jeff on the right

100th Anniversary of Campbell's Condensed Soup 1997. Home Page 2012

100th Anniversary of Campbell's Condensed Soup 1997

Fresh Sunflower

Sunflower 2009

Pain 2007 No Fresh Flowers

Kitchen Shelf update

Premier Home Page Sept 7 2002

Home Page 2003
No Rio

Home Page 2003
Parallel Window Installation, 1985. curator: Manuela Filiaci

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WTC 1979

Sy Lee
Announcement For Public Portrait Studio
Home Page 2004

Greek isle of Santorini, Spring 1981

Mykonos, Greece. Spring, 1981
Home Page 2005

Wawrzynski Family
Home Page 2006

Free, '87
Home Page 2007

Curtis Cuffie, Bowery & Great Jones St., NYC, November '91
Home Page 2008

Sunshine Hotel, Bowery & Prince, NYC, February '92
Home Page 2008

Fashion Moda, South Bronx, 1983
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Downtown Cleveland, Ohio 1970
The best location in the nation.
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Lord & Taylor, 1981, 60"x40" installed at Pier 34.

Kouros Figure 6th c BC, 1981, 60"x40" installed at Pier 34.

Pier 34 June '83 after a dead body was found @ the site & the show closed by Police.

Homeless Man on Subway 1982 60"x40" resin coated print and oil paint
Home Page 2011
Spring St. Pier

Fashion Moda 1981 First visit to South Bronx. Home Page 2011-2012

Shoeshine Artist Herald Square Station 32nd St entrance 1981

Rummaging around the East Village, 1981