i hope this letter finds you well. i'm fine. life sure resembles a walk through a maze, and often walking in the dark. it's always tempting to turn on a light to get ones bearing, and backtrack to find the reassurance of passages familiar. when, to navigate the mysteries through the dark, and unknown, seems the only pathway to the goal of true light. i find myself backtracking all the time, usually regretfully. stepping forward is the way. obstacles and distractions galore meet one with each step. timing, luck and chance can allow for progress. the world is our obstacle, the heavens, our goal. the world is large, as our journey begins we are small. we must grow, to traverse the paths of life. through study, experience, and sharing we learn to walk. knowledge guides us on our way. karma opens closed doors. enlightenment is the light of all that is good. choices are our first steps. right or wrong, we learn. choices diminish as we grow. growth, as the universe, is infinite. prayer is hope. a prayer for one is a prayer for all. we are all one, and one all. love, one's self, love all, love is everything. we don't come from here and go there, we simply exist, and this is life's mystery.

be well, live well, let life inspire you.

your son,