dear dad,


i hope you have a pleasant day, are not in pain, and can maintain your positive attitude. i think you have endured when many a lesser person would have given up. i don't think once in my life have i heard you complain. this characteristic is one i hope i've inherited from you, and i cherish it. every time i hear a complainer, i think of you. thanks. what more can a person do except to accept what comes, reach within, rise above, and carry on. the lord will always reward, he is all good.
i'm entering a new chapter in my life, i will no longer be working at sotheby's. as long as i have worked there, my emotional handicap has kept me from fitting in. i will probably be moving out of the city, yet not too far. i have many friends here, in order to serve them best i'm going to allow myself the luxury of space to myself. i haven't fit in with my neighbors for a long time. this has left me virtually homeless. the new york city streets have been good to me, perhaps as no other city could. providing me with a home and a studio. it's time for me to find a place where i can be close to the lord without having to walk under the stars on the city's streets. a place were i can have a home, synthesize, create, and and share.

much love, your son.