dear dad,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i hope your well, can stand tall, and keep from falling.

the science times had an article about string theory today. its the 20th anniversary of the breakthrough theory. they quoted a scientist from cwru who doesn't believe it will hold. (to each his own) it may lead to answers of the biggest questions of physics, to life you may say. yet, it remains as much a mystery to the physicians studying it as to you and me. are there answers? or do we merely spend our time on earth looking for them, only to pass along thoughts and ideas to our younger to continue the search. as einstein has done to today's theorists. do we live each day only with hope of an answer? it's mysterious. we're doing it every day oblivious of these elusive solutions. if the theory holds true, we're living in a world of ten or eleven dimensions. our five senses comprehend four, three for space and one for time. i believe in a sixth sense, which may not bring understanding of six extra dimensions, yet insettles a spiritual awareness that there is more going on then what we can see, feel, taste, hear, or smell. to nurture our mind, body and soul and react to all stimuli possible and to hopefully constantly progress is about all one can do. we are living in a world with perhaps one answer, the lord. fine, the scientists and mathematicians may agree, yet this leaves many questions and mysteries that we must live with even if science provides answers that will remain incomprehensible to most of us.

all in all i've had a great year. distancing myself from those at sotheby's that troubled me has opened many doors. there is so much more then working for a corporate dollar. in my case it was only pennies anyway. i'm more comfortable in my apartment and in my life then i have been in eleven years. tonight (12-8-04) is the opening of the new museum of contemporary art's, EAST VILLAGE USA. i have 26 portraits from the mid '80's era that i believe show my struggle as well as a triumph.

i've organized my home office and apartment greatly since purchasing the co-op. after living here six years i've finally hung my first works of art on the wall, not major works, yet works that mean something to me. in a few months i will have an easy chair in my living room. i now have a kitchen table that generally has fresh flowers on it. my apartment is wired for one of my great passions, music. my neighbors are more tolerant of me then ever. i have a home.

my love to you dad, without it, there is nothing.

your son, tom